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Peerberry Review Summary

Our experience with PeerBerry, the highly reliable P2P lending platform, has been outstanding. Since 2018, we’ve been investing in PeerBerry, a platform that offers interest rates of up to 12%. With features like auto-invest and a 60-day buyback guarantee, PeerBerry provides added convenience and security for investors

What is Peerberry?

PeerBerry stands among Europe’s leading P2P lending platforms. Since 2017, it has served over 72,000 users who collectively earned over €20M in interest. Offering short-term loans backed by a buyback guarantee, investors can enjoy interest rates of up to 12.5% annually. Curious if PeerBerry aligns with your investment goals? Dive into our detailed PeerBerry review to explore further

  • Reliable buyback and group guarantee
  • High interest rates
  • Modern P2P lending platform
  • No fees
  • No secondary Market
  • Not regulated
  • Limited loan availability
  • Cash drag
Our Opinion Of Peerberry

Our involvement with PeerBerry since 2018 provides a comprehensive foundation for this PeerBerry review, encompassing our insights over the past six years. For a deeper understanding of our engagement with P2P loans, you can explore our P2P lending portfolio page. Among all the P2P lending platforms, our highest stake resides in PeerBerry. We have consistently experienced seamless investment and fund withdrawal processes, reinforcing PeerBerry’s position as one of our preferred P2P lending platforms. We became members of PeerBerry in 2018 and have maintained an active portfolio exceeding €25,000. Even during the challenging times in 2022 and 2023, notably the conflict in Ukraine affecting loan repayment plans, we remained invested.

PeerBerry offers competitive rates, with the highest rates reaching up to 12% annually. Presently, our portfolio spans across Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Mexico, and South Africa. Notably, the GoFingo Group continues to manage repayments for loans impacted by the Ukrainian conflict.

During our visit to PeerBerry’s Vilnius office, we had the opportunity to meet the team and gain insights into the tools utilized by the platform to monitor lenders’ loan books. PeerBerry possesses live access to the complete loan portfolio of Aventu’s Group companies along with all pertinent KPIs.

Distinguishing itself from other P2P marketplaces, PeerBerry’s access to the entire lender’s loan portfolio provides more accurate and direct data impacting the performance of your investments

If you suffer from cash drag, we suggest reviewing our Crowdpear review to learn more about another crowdfunding platform that PeerBerry’s team operates.

User Requirements
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Pass the KYC
  • Verify your identity
  • Verify your bank account (IBAN)
Peerberry Loyalty Bonus

PeerBerry offers three tiers of loyalty bonuses:

  1. Silver: For portfolios surpassing €10,000, investors receive a 0.5% bonus.
  2. Gold: Portfolios exceeding €25,000 qualify for a 0.75% bonus.
  3. Platinum: Investors with portfolios over €40,000 are eligible for a 1% bonus.

To avail of these rewards, simply sign up for PeerBerry and commence your investment journey. The platform will apply the PeerBerry bonus solely to your active investments when your portfolio size meets the specified bonus criteria.

Buyback Obligation & Group Guarantee

PeerBerry, like several other P2P lending platforms, provides a buyback guarantee for loans experiencing delays surpassing 60 days.

Under this circumstance, the loan originator in which you’ve invested would repurchase the claim against the borrower. This feature significantly mitigates the risk associated with this P2P platform, relieving investors from the responsibility of managing debt collection processes.

In the event of borrower late payments, PeerBerry ensures the return of your investments, preventing any loss on your part. Moreover, the buyback guarantee by PeerBerry’s loan originators extends to reimbursing the interest on delayed loans, providing added security.

This buyback guarantee serves as protection against borrower defaults, safeguarding investors’ interests. However, it’s important to note that during extraordinary occurrences like the war in Ukraine, loan originators may be unable to honor the buyback guarantee. In such instances, PeerBerry activates the group guarantee to cover the loan repayments. For more details, continue reading our PeerBerry review.

Throughout PeerBerry’s history, no investors have incurred losses. This is largely attributed to the fact that PeerBerry’s loan originators have never funded more than 45% of their loan portfolios via P2P lending. Consequently, the loan originators retain the capability to cover potential buyback guarantees.

Additionally, PeerBerry’s business partners maintain a reserve of 10% in cash from the listed portfolio on PeerBerry. This allocation ensures the availability of funds for buyback guarantees and settlements with investors.

PeerBerry offers an additional layer of security through the group guarantee, which is backed by the parent companies of the loan originators. Most originators operating on the platform span various countries and are owned by two significant investment groups: Aventus Group and Gofingo.

Although the loan originators function as separate entities, the supplementary guarantee stipulates that the parent company will intervene and repurchase your claims if the loan originator fails to cover the buyback guarantee.

During our recent P2P discussion with Andrejus Trofimovas, the CEO of Aventus Group, we gathered insights indicating the Aventus Group’s sustainable operational approach. This sustainability not only enables them to expand their market shares but also assures their ability to fulfill any obligations owed to investors.

Most loan originators on PeerBerry are operated by – Aventus Group and Gofingo.

In our latest talk with the CEO of Aventus Group, Andrejus Trofimovas, we learned that the Aventus Group is operating very sustainably, allowing them to grow their market shares and fulfill any obligations towards investors.

PeerBerry App

PeerBerry also offers a mobile application for user convenience.

The PeerBerry app provides a swift overview of your portfolio. Users can easily access information about their available funds, invested funds, paid interest, and annualized net return.

A notable feature of the app includes a daily interest repayments chart.

Within the “Investments” section, users can gain insights into their portfolios, categorized by loan originators and types. Additionally, the PeerBerry app offers a dark mode for enhanced user experience. For timely updates on portfolio performance, it’s advisable to enable all notifications.

How Fast Can You Withdraw Your Investments?

PeerBerry primarily focuses on offering various loan types to diversify investors’ P2P portfolios, although its primary usage is for short-term loans. Investors benefit from enhanced liquidity when investing in these short-term loans.

During the period of market turmoil in March 2020 triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, PeerBerry demonstrated its resilience. The platform experienced no delayed loans, and all funds were returned to investors promptly after the loan term, typically within 30 days.

However, for those seeking instant withdrawals, PeerBerry may not meet those expectations.

Presently, PeerBerry does not have a secondary market available. The platform is unlikely to introduce one due to potential implications for investors’ taxation across different countries.

It’s important to note that the current military conflict in Ukraine significantly impacts a substantial portion of loans listed on PeerBerry, potentially affecting liquidity expectations in 2023.

For a comparative analysis between PeerBerry and Esketit, explore our guide on Esketit vs PeerBerry.


We strongly emphasize the significance of having a dedicated support team available to address inquiries related to a P2P lending platform.

Considering that these platforms handle your finances, trust in their ability to safeguard your funds is paramount.

Our experiences with PeerBerry’s support have consistently been positive and responsive. Additionally, you can find numerous positive PeerBerry reviews on Trustpilot or Reddit, where many investors share their commendable experiences with the platform.

For contacting the support team, the recommended method is to email them at We’ve observed that most of our inquiries have been addressed within a day, which sets PeerBerry apart from certain other platforms whose customer support response times are comparatively slower.

It’s a prudent practice to test the customer support of any P2P lending platform before signing up, ensuring they can efficiently manage your requests.

In comparison to even major European P2P platforms like Bondora, we find that PeerBerry’s support stands out as exceptional.

Peerberry alternatives

While PeerBerry stands as one of Europe’s most reliable P2P lending platforms, the availability of loans in December 2023 appears limited, posing a challenge to keep funds invested and generating interest. In such scenarios, exploring alternative platforms might be worthwhile.

Here are some alternatives to consider:

  1. Esketit: Esketit presents itself as an excellent alternative to PeerBerry, boasting an impressive track record without any funds in recovery. Notably, it offers an instant exit option, enhancing liquidity for investors. With expected interest rates ranging between 12% and 13%, slightly higher than PeerBerry, Esketit appeals to both beginners and seasoned investors. For a comprehensive understanding of Esketit’s operations, explore our Esketit review.

  2. Income Marketplace: Income Marketplace showcases investments offering up to 15% annual interest. While the platform might not be as well-established as PeerBerry, it boasts higher loan availability, minimizing potential cash drag. Investors’ funds on the Income Marketplace are covered by a buyback guarantee, with some lenders pledging their loan books as collateral. Delve into our Income Marketplace review for insights into generating income through this platform.

  3. Fintown: For investors seeking an alternative platform with comparable interest rates to PeerBerry, Fintown might be a suitable choice. Fintown generates yields from rental properties in Prague’s city center instead of financing payday loans in regions like Asia or Africa. This unique approach may align with the preferences of investors looking for European-based investments. To explore further details about Fintown, refer to our Fintown review.

Each alternative platform offers distinct features and investment opportunities, catering to various investor preferences and strategies. Evaluating these options based on your investment goals and risk tolerance can help in making informed decisions amidst PeerBerry’s current loan availability constraints.

Peerberry News

FaQ About Peerberry

PeerBerry is widely recognized as a reliable P2P lending marketplace in Europe. It offers investors the opportunity to participate in loans, providing the potential to earn returns that exceed the average, reaching up to 12% annually.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to transfer money to PeerBerry:

  1. Log in to your PeerBerry account.
  2. Navigate to the “Deposit / Withdraw” section in your dashboard.
  3. Copy the bank account number provided by PeerBerry.
  4. Use your European bank account to initiate a transfer to PeerBerry’s bank account.
  5. Ensure to include your payment details or reference number provided by PeerBerry while initiating the transfer. This step is crucial for PeerBerry to properly allocate your deposit to your account.

By following these steps, you can easily transfer funds from your European bank account to your PeerBerry account for investment purposes.

PeerBerry is a legitimate P2P lending marketplace operated by seasoned professionals from the lending industry. The management team’s expertise and full access to the loan book’s performance enhance confidence in PeerBerry’s risk management practices. The platform is committed to fulfilling all obligations owed to investors, whether through the buyback guarantee or the group guarantee, reinforcing trust and reliability in PeerBerry’s operations.

 PeerBerry generates revenue by earning a commission from the lenders who list their loans on the platform. As the volume of funded loans increases, so does the revenue for PeerBerry. It’s important to note that investing on PeerBerry is free for all investors; there are no charges or fees for investors to participate and invest through the platform. is an independent, advertising-supported publisher and comparison service. We are compensated in exchange for placement of sponsored products and services, or by you clicking on certain links posted on our site. Therefore, this compensation may impact how, where and in what order products appear within listing categories, except where prohibited by law for our mortgage, home equity and other home lending products. Other factors, such as our own proprietary website rules and whether a product is offered in your area or at your self-selected credit score range, can also impact how and where products appear on this site. While we strive to provide a wide range of offers, Capitacritique does not include information about every financial or credit product or service.

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